A site for sore tastebuds and a woeful wallet

Famously Food Friendly. The Diva’s Guide to Home Cooking

Horace said “He will never be a slave, who learns to live upon a little”  I’m comfortable in the role of a homemaker.  I like it because over several years, I’ve gotten completely out of  credit card debt, I eat and live healthier than ever before, I’m more involved with my family, and I’m relaxed and happy.  I’ve achieved all these things despite having a regular income because I rarely spend money by being at home…Less running around, less on eating out, less stress related issues, less Advil…but more learning and adventure and way better food to eat.  Don’t worry, I still have a life and its rather divine.   

So why a Diva?  The dictionary describes this as a celebrated female performer of opera, derived from the Greek word “divo” meaning divine.  I have adopted this as my theme because in the art of homemaking I aspire to perform well and serve truly divine dishes to  my family and friends.  My practice of the culinary arts has expanded to gardening, growing my own herbs and vegetables, and living a greener more self-sufficient life.  I hope you will peruse my pages and find helpful hints in producing your own divinely delicious meals and ways to live a quality life without costing you an arm and a leg.  I also hope that you might have some creative culinary feats of your own to share.  So pull back the curtains and enjoy the show!


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