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I got my green tomatoes before ‘ol Jack Frost

Green Tomato Jam on a Baked Potato

Last night was our first frost in the St. Louis area.  I still had a ton of tomatoes that hadn’t ripened.  I picked most of them and set them up in the kitchen window.  There were so many that they didn’t all fit.  I was planning to have baked potatoes with supper and thought, “What can I do with all these green tomatoes?”  I remembered a PBS show on food where they made a green tomato jam.  I couldn’t remember exactly what was in it but tried my own version.  I diced two tomatoes, put them in a skillet with a little olive oil, an onion, a little garlic, and let it caramelize.  I then de-glazed the pan with about ¼ cup of chardonay and let that simmer.  I added celery-salt and pepper, stirred a little while longer and gave it a taste.  It was simply fantastic!  Everyone got a blop of it on a baked potato with some snipped chives and I kept the butter in the fridge…never needed it.


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