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The Garden’s Last Hurrah

Oregano to dry

Farewell my dear friends!  I’ll see you in Spring…  Tonight will be Zone 5’s last night for plant life as the St. Louis area will dip way down in the 20’s over night.  I celebrate their last hurrah in pictures. 

Some of these herbs will be harvested and dried but other’s I’ve allowed to go to seed and in the case of broccoli to flower. 

Broccoli in Bloom

I was delighted to see the buttery color of its blossoms though.  There just wasn’t enough time to run the full course. 

Tenacious Tomatoes

When I thought the tomatoes were finished, I was surprised to see yellow twinkles of new flowers and even fruit!  This green pepper will taste great on a pizza tonight along with the other tomatoes ripening in the window.  A dash of that oregano will top it off perfectly. 

One Last Green Pepper

 Life is certainly tenacious and it’s inspiring me to be strong in the cold months ahead.   I’m going out now to harvest all of the lettuce.  It can be stored in the ‘fridge until Thanksgiving when I will serve a delicious salad and celebrate the bounty of nature with my family.  I wish all my readers a happy Thanksgiving too. 

Delicious Wild Lettuce

May your tables be overflowing with God’s sustenance for us.  We are truly blessed to have these delights of nature on our world. 

See you in Spring dear strawberries!


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