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Two Ingredient Wonder

Cherry Pastry

I LOVE making these little gems for guests.  They take 20 minutes start to finish and require only two ingredients…well the powdered sugar on top really makes it three but hey, I insist on the diva’s touch.  So fire up the oven to 400° and put on your pastry chef hat.  You only need to look like one while you open two cans…one of the cans actually needs a can opener.  If you know how to operate one, you’re in!  A can of cherry pie filling is required, and a can of crescent roll pastry it the other requirement.  To assemble roll out the pastry on a cookie sheet, separate the triangular pieces and place three to four cherries in the center of each triangle.  Next take the point that is the corner of the “L” , stretch and tuck it under the bottom of the “L”.  Take the longest point and tuck it in the first point.  Now do the last point going in the same direction as the previous two points.  Picture the recycle symbol to guide you.  Make sure the edges are tucked in well and pressed down so the cherry filling does not leak out the sides.   Just bake for about 15 to 17 minutes, dust with powdered sugar and cool slightly before serving.  Great with the morning coffee or tea.


One response

  1. That is too cute! And it looks so fancy too. (I’m all for dressing up the simple stuff!)

    November 24, 2010 at 4:46 pm

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