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Cranberry Orange Scones

Cranberry Orange Scones

Here is a little fuss breakfast that takes about a half an hour to make.  Cranberry orange scones go quickly so be sure and make a bunch.  This recipe makes about 16.  Start with 3 cups flour, three teaspoons baking powder, ½ teaspoon baking soda, ½ cup sugar, and a teaspoon of salt.  Stir the dry ingredients well.  Cut in 3/4 cup shortening.   Add ½ cup dried cranberries and the zest of one orange.  (Use the large holes on a grater and chop the peels finely with a knife to make larger more visible bits than a zester would make)  Stir in the fruit and add the juice of the orange plus ½ cup cold water and stir again until all flour is incorporated.  Turn out dough onto a floured surface, fold over a couple of times and form a rectangle about 6″wide x 12″ long x 1″ high.  Cut into 8 equal squares and cut squares diagonal to make 16 triangles.  In a 375° preheated oven bake for 17 to 20 minutes until golden.  A nice weekend breakfast.


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