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Glad to Have You Back!

Poor Baby

I recently had problems with my Whirlpool dishwasher.  Nothing on the top rack was getting clean.  The bottom rack was coming out OK but getting worse.  So by doing a little internet research and getting out the tool box, I saved myself hundreds of dollars!  Even a Diva can do the dirty work sometimes.   Since its warranty expired I had nothing to lose…certainly not the money.

There was nothing to it really but turning a few screws and fitting some parts together.  The hardest part was the body mechanics.  There is no easy way aside from acrobatics to get deep down in the bowels of the machine.  Since this diva has a certain amount of athletic prowess and flexibility I was successful. 

Broken Chopper Blade

The chopper blade was the culprit as well as my temper many months ago when I was less than gentle in placing the dishes in the rack…  Shoving angrily is a better description…don’t even remember why…PMS maybe?  Well, a chip of plate flew off and lodged in the blade, causing the motor to sheer off the white plastic axle on which it is mounted.   Since this part didn’t work for so long a plethora of gunk built up over time on the screen just behind the chopper blade.  Talk about nasty!  I discovered why those union boys get so much money!  I ordered new parts off the Internet from Appliance Zone and it was delivered in two days for about $22.  Now the new blade is installed and I am more than happy to have my beloved dishwasher back.   I’ll never be rough with you again Sweetie!


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