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Chicken Curry in a Hurry

To start this dish I began to wash and chop this assortment of nutritious vegetables. I removed six inches off the top of the leek, used one stalk of celery and sliced it thinly. Same went for two of the carrots once they were washed and peeled. I diced the onion and garlic finely, then sliced the cabbage into thin strips. All the while some rice was simmering in a pot on the back burner and the half of chicken was boiling on the front.

With some pretty basic ingredients I came up with a make-as-you-go sort of dish.  I didn’t know exactly what would become of a half of a chicken and all of these vegetables but with a few pantry staples and spices this is what happened:

Cooking the chicken required no more than adding a teaspoon of salt and cutting the meat into sections.


I thought a sweet chutney would compliment the spices I was thinking of adding to the vegetables and chicken. I used a couple of peppers diced, and put them in a small skillet with olive oil, scallions, onions, garlic, and let them cook down. Then I added some chili sauce for some nice heat, apricot preserves for sweetness, and tomato ketchup for acidity. I let that all melt together and set it aside.


So now with the chutney done and the chicken reaching 165° internal temperature, I set that aside to rest reserving the broth, cleaned the pot then added some olive oil and a very small amount of sesame oil, then all the vegetables and tossed them around on high heat unitl they became soft. They needed a bit of salt and pepper so I added a dash or two of each

I also added some soy sauce to give it more of an Asian persuasion and a few spices from a steak blend made for grilling.  It added a nice touch of heat to the vegetables.  I took the chicken which had been set aside to rest and cool enough to handle and removed the bones and cubed it into bite size pieces.  The next step was to add a good punch of color and aroma. 

Now, enter the real flavor! A good teaspoon of curry powder my husband just purchased from the local spice shop gets added. Thats the ticket!


The color and aroma have arrived! I needed to add liquid at this point so the vegetables wouldn’t burn so the reserved broth was what I used. I put enough in to allow the vegetables to loosen from the bottom and make a sauce of the most beautiful golden color.  Now to thicken the sauce I added about a tablespoon of corn starch to about ¼ cup of cooled broth and slipped it in. After stirring a while the texture of the sauce changed to a thicker silkier gravy. 



With the house smelling like heaven and the family about to starve, it was time to plate up and get to the table. It only took about 30 minutes from the idea to the reality and wow, my dreams of deliciousness have exceeded reality! Lets say grace!


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  1. Very nice

    December 21, 2010 at 2:23 am

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