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Playing With my Mashed Potatoes

So there’s a huge bowl of mashed potatoes in the refrigerator taking up huge amounts of space.  No one wants them because they seem to have no appeal unless there is a juicy roast turkey or freshly grilled steak nearby.  Even microwaving them seems like too much trouble.  How do you get mashed potatoes to stand on their own?   Make potato pancakes!  I forgot exactly how to make them but I think I have enough potatoes to play with for a while.  

I want them to be a meal in themselves so I think of ingredients that would add vegetables and  more protein or maybe meat.  An egg and cheese add more protein and might help with the cohesion while cooking…

Potato Pancakes, Take One

Not quite.  I need a binding ingredient.  A few sprinkles of flour would seem to help.  I also need some vegetables.  I have some leeks and a spring onion to add freshness and a savory taste.

Add an Onion

There is some garlic in the mashed potatoes already so no need to add that.  I add pepper to perk up the heat.   I try to cut down on the oil by using only a tablespoon per batch and a smaller skillet. 

Potato pancakes, Take two

For now though, I think I finally find the secret to how Mom used to make them.   Flour is definitely the ingredient I need to hold it all together.  In goes about ¼ cup.  I’m going to play some more and see if I can’t find a way to bake them, to further reduce the oil.  Adding greens and eggs adds to the nutritional balance without too much extra fat.  I’ll go with that.  I’m not going to lie though.  A little fat included, plus the flour, the second  batch holds together better and tastes pretty darn good.


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