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If You Have Heat, You Can Have Chili

This title has two meanings.  Chili can be served in the Summer too.  Based on tomatoes and hot peppers, chili showcases these fresh vegetables well during the heat of Summer.  The other meaning is for Winter.   It is about being prepared for freezing conditions and power outages during the coldest temperatures.

It's good in Summer too...made from Summer's tomatoes and hot peppers

The chili pictured can be a core warming, survival meal,  made with a can opener, a pot, and a fire, or a great comfort food made with all the modern convenience of the stove top and the electric opener. 

If the power is out or even if it isn’t, you can make this chili with a pound of ground beef, browned with an onion diced, a half cup of chopped leeks, Dashes of the following:  cumin, chili powder, onion powder,  garlic powder, pepper and salt.  Next is all about opening cans.  Be sure you have a manual one in your survival kit.  Add 14.5 oz cans of the following: diced tomatoes, chili with beans, chili without beans, chili beans.  Simmer all these together for about 20 to 30 minutes.  Makes about 8 servings of 8 oz. each. 

During the roughest times, whether blizzard, ice storm, or widespread power outage, by being prepared for these conditions, and keeping these ingredients in safe storage, you could make this high protein, highly warming and nourishing dish, to ensure your very survival.  Make a less spicy batch for the youngest ones, but everyone can benefit from chili for the fiber, the protein, the warmth.  I just ate some on this tolerably cool St. Louis evening, and my mood has quite a warm glow thinking of tomatoes on the vines and peppers growing all around in Summer.  If my power was out and I was struggling to keep warm I’d be very glad for this meal. 

Chili made with the freshest ingredients of Summer is a reason to celebrate in itself during the warmer months.  I’m a fan of chili the whole year round.   Where there’s chili in Summer, nearby, there’s surely a fiesta!


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