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Get Out Your Constitutions and Bone Up

This is not my usual type of blog today.  I’m feeling particularly unsettled at the news as of late.  In  particular, about the news regarding American politics.  All this liberal and conservative hate rhetoric is making me crazy.

We the People have promoted the general welfare a bit too much in recent years, making a lot of Americans complacent while other extremely aggitated. (remember the fall of The Roman Empire?). What we need now is to focus more on insuring domestic tranquility, and securing the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.  Our Constitution is designed to do all three actually.   

Justice certainly needs reestablished.  Welfare isn’t welfare anymore when it hurts taxpayers so.   Social Security/Disability has become a nation wide Ponzi scheme.  Some schlub will no doubt suck up all yours and your kids’ contributions. The most undeserving are stealing the funds away from the people who fund.  Take a look at your W2 and see just how much. You’ll have to kiss it goodbye I’m afraid.  So will your kids.

The other day I had a great debate with my recent college graduate.  It was about the government (I think of California) putting a ban on placing toys in kids meals at fast food restaurants.  She thought it was a good idea because her morals tell her (and I’m happy for this) that children should eat healthier foods than hamburgers and fries, and that it’s wrong to entice them to their health’s destruction with a cheap toy.  That is true. 

My rebuttal was about the bigger picture…I’m talking about zooming out to include China.  I don’t recall what group wanted that ban to become law but I’m sure it wasn’t a group that looked at the bigger picture. 

While eating healthy is good, allowing the government to take away any freedom is a slippery slope into the bad place.  We the People should be able to decide what is healthy and what is not.  Most of us are capable of making that decision.  If you eat healthy for a month and want to treat your kids to one of those meals, from one of those places, it’s good that we’re free to do so. 

On the other side of the counter, the owner of one of those places is and should be free to promote his meal packages any way that helps him turn a profit.  I’m sure it’s why he puts his life’s energy into that store.  Don’t forget he also pays taxes and purchases those toys from China because American made ones are too expensive.  I wouldn’t call that guy complacent, but I would say he’s creative, frugal, and industrious.  

We already know about nutrition because we’ve gone to school.  The Department of Education has already taught us these things and the FDA mandates that nutrition facts be listed on every packaged food product in case we’re too stupid to know what’s good for us and what’s not.  Why do we allow our government to decide what we should and should not have?  Why shouldn’t the business owner sell things that sell?  Why shouldn’t people be able to think for themselves?  Why shouldn’t people enjoy a change of pace and hog down a supersize order of fries once in a while.  It’s a free country.  Isn’t it! 

What they don’t want you to know is that the government gets more powerful, and the people get more dumbed down and less powerful when we vote “yes” on laws like this.  If everybody must eat fast food meals that are healthy, and if every business would curtail their creativity which could possibly make them rich and conform to the government regulations, then what have we become besides healthier poorer idiots?  No. I won’t even grace this page with the word because I detest it so much, but it begins with a “C”.

I’m really not trying to promote fast food.  Check out my home page and you will see that’s not what I’m about.  I can make anything they offer that tastes better, is healthier, and costs a fraction of  their price.   What I am promoting is freedom.  Once in a while I’m grateful for a little decadence and someones creativity in sales.  If I’m late for the PTO meeting and I have a  hungry crabby 2nd grader in the car who needs something to eat and something to play with during the meeting, I’m sure grateful for the convenience and freedom of driving-thru to satisfy those needs.  God Bless America!


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