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The Power of Three

I don’t know what it is about the number three but I just love to make things to eat that only call for three ingredients.  Sometimes less is just more.  It sure makes cooking easy.

I’m alone at home a lot of time during the day with the hubby at work and the kids at school or other places.  I still have to eat but I don’t want to fuss much with feeding just myself.  I made this no frill meal that sure hit the spot, and it was as fast and easy to clean up as it was to make.  From just a can of drained tuna, a few finely diced dill pickle chips and a dollop of mayo, we have the Holy Trinity of tuna salad.  Giving thanks to the Holiest Trinity for this good food, I was soon very satisfied and filled with the energy to take on the chores of the day.


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