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Chicken Stuffed with Greens and Onions

There was the best sale on chicken breasts at the supermarket.  These were fresh not frozen and $1.89 a pound.  I snagged a few packages and stocked the freezer nicely.  With just half of one of the packages, I made a terrific dinner for family.  Here is what happened:

These breasts were pretty huge so I figured why not make them something even bigger!  They needed to be stuffed then, and I surfed the pantry to find some stuff.  A lonely can of collard greens caught my eye.  Then some Peppridge Farm herbed stuffing seemed like it would be useful.  Onions always make a good supporting role and for color and a little tang, some little tomatoes I had around were perfect.  Bacon is always nice so I diced up the three slices I had in the refrigerator drawer.  A little prep work was in order like browning the bacon, washing the leeks of the grit that hides in the leaves, chopping them, chopping the onions and the garlic.

Now, everything is ready to toss on top of the bacon with its rendered fat.  I let these things sizzle a while.  

Once the onions turned clear and the leeks began to brown it was time to add the tomatoes and greens. 

Then a little chardonnay seemed like the thing to do.  The bread crumbs and their herbs went in, and it started smelling really good.  Last the cheese was added.  This helped bind everything together. 

Some herbs like basil and thyme were sprinkled on, a little more wine to loosen things, and wow, what a rush of delicious smells!

Now it was time to get to the chicken. I heated the oven to 350°.

Laying them flat on a plate, I sliced them through the center to butterfly them open creating a pocket for the beautiful and tasty stuffing.

They were now ready to bake.  I gave them about 45 minutes before I checked the temperature.  They were almost there but needed about 5 more minutes.  They also needed a baste with a pat of butter and a sprinkle of paprika. Next check was spot on.  The rest period for the just cooked meat gave me just enough time to cook up a side of zucchini.  With a little olive oil heated in the skillet, I tossed in the zukes nicely sliced.  On top I sprinkled some salt, pepper and paprika and let them cook to al-dente, not to al-mushy. 

The result was a fabulous supper!  I didn’t have to call anyone to the table tonight.  They were already there waiting to tuck in!  I love that!


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