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Dehydrating Food Is Like Having A Genie In A Bottle

Like a genie in a bottle you can magically fit three bags of carrots into a tiny jelly jar. It's pretty incredible but by taking water out of the equation so much food can be stored in a small space for up to twenty-five years.


The same goes for corn. Three bags of frozen corn dehydrated fills up this small jar as well.


In this little jelly jar are actually two of these bags of frozen green beans. I've made some of these in soups using the crock pot and cooked them up by themselves with a little salt and bacon drippings. Frozen vegetables are already blanched so all you need to do is crank up the dehydrator and fill up the trays with veggies.

Six pounds of onions pictured here fit nicely in this salsa jar I saved. The lid fits tight and to all of these foods I add an oxygen absorber or two to keep them fresh. Oxygen absorbers can be ordered off the Internet from Honeyvillegrains.com. I recommend that you do the dehydrating apart from the house because they really perfume up the place. Sheewee! Slicing six pounds was no easy task either but I’ve got plenty done to last a while.

These two jars represent a 10 lb. bag of Russett potatoes. To dehydrate them properly they need to be sliced uniformly and blanched prior to arranging them in trays and dehydrating. I've made some pretty wicked potatoes au gratin with these. As I said before food takes up so much less storage space when dehydrated. With so much snow and ice this year I was fully prepared for the worst. My family and I could have eaten warm stews and dried fruits for quite a while. We aim to store the things we normally eat so that it's not such a drastic change of diet. I try to use the dehydrated foods as I go to figure tasty ways to prepare them so when the time comes that I might need to live off of them for a while like during a power outage or some other disaster that makes food scarce, I know how to make meals in my usual Diva style.


The amount of potatoes in this jar are twice as much as what is in the bag in front of it. Roughly six lbs. are safely tucked away for the future. As with the Russetts the sweet potatoes will need to be sliced evenly and blanched before going in the dehydrator. When they are reconstituted you cannot tell that they were a dehydrated product. I can taste no difference. I've mashed them and made a terrific sweet potato pie.


A whole bag of frozen broccoli doesn't quite fill up this little salsa jar. I could have almost dehydrated another whole bag and fit in this jar. reconstituted, broccoli tastes as fresh as steamed right from raw stalk. Raw broccoli or any other vegetable can be dehydrated as long as they are blanched first. I haven't got a jar of apples just now because I can't seem to keep them around as long. They are so tasty a treat they are eaten almost as soon as they come of the tray. Blanching is not the technique for apples. Instead, I shake them up in a large zip-lock bag with a few tablespoons of lemon juice. The acid keeps them looking and tasting fresh. Without the lemon juice they would turn an unappetizing brown. I hope you too will try dehydrating and enjoying the food you store too. It's good to be prepared for tough times. This is a good way to keep it together.


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