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Snowy Here, So Why Not Meatballs

I’m just saying…It was my friend and fellow crafter who inspired me with her post on Facebook saying,  “Laundry day and then maybe something Italian for dinner”, to which I responded, “Laundry with a chance of meatballs?”   So something Italian seemed like the thing for my bunch today too…  Meatballs, as far as I’m concerned are just a miniature form of meatloaf, the food that shouts out the comfort of your Mimaw’s, Grammy’s or Nona’s love.  I’m not a grandma yet but the love was definately in there.  I didn’t get  a chance to photograph the first part of the process because my hands were really involved in squishing ingredients together. 

I used about two pounds of lean ground beef, about a cup of herbed bread crumbs, a medium finely diced onion, a tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce, 1/4 teaspoon liquid smoke, a half teaspoon each of basil, parsley  and thyme, then a dusting of garlic powder, pepper and salt.  I carefully rolled pinches of this mixture in the palms of my hands until all of it was rolled into little balls the size of ping-pong balls.  In a non-stick pot with about 2 tbsp of olive oil, I cooked them about a dozen at a time, turning them carefully with tongs until they were nicely browned all over.   Once that was done, I removed them from the pot and let them rest while I made the sauce.  This part didn’t take much more than opening cans and jars.  About a jar and a half of traditional sauce plus a small can of tomato paste went right in the same pot the meatballs just came out of.  I did need to skim off the oil until there was a few tablespoons left.  Once the sauce was heated through, I put the meatballs back in to absorb the flavors of the sauce for  about 20 minutes.  While that was bubbling away I got the spaghetti going in the boiling salted water.  I like to cook spaghetti for about twelve minutes at a rolling boil.  It turns out to be not too tough, but not too mushy, yet it still has the capacity to absorb sauce.  When that was done it was time to plate up.  It’s nice to just fish out the serving you like with tongs or a couple of slotted spoons and let it unfurl down onto the plate.  About 6 meat balls and a ladle full of sauce on top made a good serving.  The last thing to make it a diva’s dish was a dressing of freshly grated parmesan cheese.  Delicioso!


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