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Awesome Pizza in 30 Minutes or Less…

Sure, you’ve seen it advertised but you can get away with spending only $ 5.00 for two (and sometimes an extra personal size one) of the best medium, unlimited topping pizzas you’ve ever eaten.  No tip, delivery charge, no wasted phone minutes on hold,  it will never come to the wrong address and it’s always what you want and always on time.   Try this, and you may never want to order out again!   The things you need to keep on hand are flour, rapid rise yeast, salt, jack or mozzarella cheese, and toppings you like.  I love onions, tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms, artichokes, grilled chicken, pepperoni, bacon, olives…well everything.  What ever they offer at the other places, I make sure I keep some of these toppings at home in the ‘frige at any given moment.  You never know when a pizza is called for.  I’m ALWAYS ready!  It’s Spring Break time and keeping these ingredients on hand insures more quality time with my son and often one of his friends during his all too short stay over the break.  My eight year old also has a blast helping me and making a personal size pizza just the way she likes it…just cheese.   

To begin you will need a good size mixing bowl, a cup and a half of  hot water (110°) two tablespoons of rapid rise yeast, and about a tablespoon of honey.  Wait a few minutes to see if the yeast is working (proofing).  It should form a foam on top after a while.   When you are sure it’s OK then add about 3 cups flour and a teaspoon of salt.  Mix that together and keep about a half a cup of flour nearby for the kneading process.  The dough is pretty sticky but it will be OK.  As you go you will add what is necessary to keep your hands from becoming loaded with dough while kneading.  Place a nice circle of flour on the counter and dump the contents of the bowl out onto it.   Scrape all you can out of the bowl.   Use as much flour as needed to keep it from sticking so badly.  I need all of a quarter cup at first.  Once I begin kneading, the dough becomes more elastic and smooth.  Working fast helps.  Keeping it moving keeps it from sticking.  Add touches of flour here and there to help. 

I’m now about five minutes into the process and I’ll need about ten minutes for the dough to  rest and relax before I roll it out into the crust.  I’ll put the dough back into the mixing bowl and pour a bit of olive oil over the top to keep it from forming a crust then let it stand a bit.  After about ten minutes the dough will rise and is easier to manage.  Now, I turn it out again and give it about thirty seconds of kneading then divide it into the two crusts….Well three.  My eight year old daughter wants to help at this stage so I cut off a knob of dough for her to work, and make her own personal size pizza.  She’s pretty good!   We both work our dough into crusts.  Her’s will fit a small Pyrex plate and the other will fit a 12″ Pyrex pizza plate .  Sometimes I use a baking stone but today I just use the glass round.  I cover and refrigerate the remaining dough.  After rolling out the crust I place it into the plate and begin adding sauce and cheese.  My daughter uses the pin and is adding sauce already.  For the big pizza, I’m making a white pizza and I use about a half a cup from a jar of alfredo sauce instead of spaghetti sauce.  My daughter is experienced and is already adding her cheese.  I try to catch up and grate some more cheese for the white pizza.  The pan has the crust in it.  The sauce is spread about.  Next the toppings are decided and added.  First cheese, then I add mushrooms, onions, green peppers, and artichokes.  Some basil and garlic powder add a nice touch of flavor.  The last thing is to bake at a temperature of  450°  My daughter’s pizza is already out of the oven.  While the big pizza is baking, it lends enough time for the cooling of  my daughter’s little pizza.  It looks great!The big pizza will be ready after baking only 15 minutes.  

 I love how fast a pizza can be done at home.  I especially love how good it tastes, with a crispy delicate crust, all the yummy toppings, and the speed at which it all can all be produced.  I hope you too will try this recipe and enjoy pizza at home with all the trimmings and none of the expense of delivery charges and tips. Even my eight year old realizes the value (and fun) of making your own food.  Gas prices are not getting any less these days, so try to do all you can to save yourselves fuel and money for the kid’s education, for the next electric bill, or what ever it is that costs you that extra bit of  hard-earned money.  With the remaining dough I make another pizza for the Spring  Breakers.  This one has traditional sauce and a bit of pepperoni, but it’s just as pretty and just as tasty.


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