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Easy for Easter

If you can follow the directions on a box cake mix and open a can of frosting then you can make these Happy Easter treats.  My friend and neighbor brought these to our daughter’s last Brownie meeting.  I am so grateful for her help in organizing the whole meeting,  arranging for guests from the local wild bird rescue facility to give a presentation teaching the girls how to make nesting baskets for the facility to use.  She also made these treats for the meeting as a tribute to the wild baby birds we would be  helping in the coming Spring months.  I have been trying variations of them ever since she told me how to make them.  The kids are on Spring Break and they are a real hit for both the college age ones and the grade schoolers as well.  I’m planning on bringing them to my Small Group meeting this Sunday too.  I think they’ll be a hit.  I can’t thank my friend enough for sharing this time-saving and creative way of having cake and eating it too.

So first we’ll make a cake in a 13″x9″ pan, allow it to cool and ice it only on the top with a half a can of ready-to-spread frosting.  I use white frosting for white or yellow cake and chocolate frosting for devil’s-food cake mix.  If the edges are crusty or hard trim them away.  The next part seems a bit of a shame but at the same time is oddly satisfying….throw it into a big bowl and just start macerating it until it becomes fine crumbs.   I work with about a third of the cake at a time so I don’t have to ball up the cake all at once…the phone will ring or a kid will need something…well anything can happen and usually does when my hands are covered with goo.  This next part does exactly that.  It’ gets a little sticky but it’s kind of fun too, shaping the crumbs into little eggs.  I’m sure glad I only made one-third at a time.  Right on schedule the U.P.S man is here with some electronic thingy my husband ordered.  I’ll just rinse off before I answer the door.  Once all the eggs are formed I’ll put them on a sheet, cover them with film and refrigerate them for at least an hour.  One box of cake mix makes about 30 eggs.  My biggest challenge was finding room in the ‘frige for them too cool.

I must admit it was hard not to eat a few of the undone eggs.  But once you see the finished product you’ll be glad you didn’t eat them all.    I never had time to take pictures of the yellow ones all iced but these chocolate ones are getting the same treatment.  There are two different ways to ice them though.  My friend said she used the Wilton white chocolate candy discs you can purchase in the cake decorating section of any craft store.  I consulted the oldest cook book I own and found a simple recipe for petit-four icing.  I’m really just too lazy to go out and buy something when ingredients that will work are in the pantry…a two pound bag of powdered sugar sifted into a large mixing bowl.  1/2 cup water, and 1/2 cup corn syrup.  I placed the bowl over a pot of very hot water, kind of like a double boiler, and mixed it with a whisk until it was smooth.  Using a cake cooling rack I placed it over half of the bowl of icing and spooned it over the cakes until they were well coated.  I thought a nice shade of Robin’s egg blue would be cute.  Just a few drops of blue food coloring does the trick.  I carefully remove them from the rack, pushing them up from below and knocking off any dripping streams from the underside.  Last thing and quickly before they cool I give them a little sprinkle with colored sugar and some easter themed sprinkle decorations.  These won’t last long with two house guests staying,  my son home from college for the break and my husband off for the next three days.  There’s also the girls and me.  It’s been a fun recipe my friend turned me on to.  She says she makes them all the time and I can see why.  I love them!


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  1. I’m just now catching up on blogs, and I absolutely love your eggs! (And thanks for the shout out!)

    April 21, 2011 at 10:46 pm

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