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Pasta and the Pantry

There always seems to be a box of pasta in the pantry but just by adding a few other ingredients I make a meal out of what seems like thin air.  So as I shop around in there and in the ‘frige I come up with this tasty lunch.

 I start by cooking up a half a box of spaghetti in boiling salted water for 12 minutes.  I drain the noodles, reserving about 3/4 cup of the pasta liquid.  In a skillet I dice up some onion, celery, and mushroom and cook them in olive oil or bacon grease until they are tender and the onions are clear and browning a bit on the edges.  I have a jar of roasted red bell peppers in the fridge so I dice up a few pieces of that and toss it in until it’s heated through.  It makes a nice balance of color and will look very appetizing on the pasta.  Next I add some more olive oil to the pasta to loosen it up as well as the reserved liquid.  Some garlic powder, pepper and parmesan cheese get stirred in after all the cooked vegetables are add.  I give everything a good mixing in the pot and serve this to the family with a side salad of greens as a nice light lunch. 


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