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Stir Fry Tonight

I’m a person who likes to be prepared.  Wether it’s for surprise company, a snow storm, or just to avoid traffic jams at dinner time, I like t to keep an odd assortment of vegetables in the drawer of the ‘frige.  Can’t wait to be growing my own!  I turned out all of these things, but how do I assemble them into something for dinner?  Some slicing and dicing is in order to start.  I have onions always, which are sliced in lengths.  There is celery sliced diagonally, small diced roasted red peppers, broccoli florets, chopped bok-choy, and minced fresh garlic.  Then there is a half pound of firm tofu, sliced and cut into 1″x1″ pieces.  I’m thinking of stir-frying all of this with some chicken too. 

Before I do anything though, I make some rice using the Mt. Fuji method.  A program on PBS called “Simply Ming”  showed me this technique about a year ago and I’ve been using it to make the perfect fluffy rice every time. 

Now I’ll need another cutting board for the chicken because I don’t want to contaminate the surfaces in the kitchen.  I’ll also use another knife to slice it into nice thin pieces that will cook quickly in the hot olive oil infused with the flavor of sesame oil.  I used about 2 tablespoons of olive oil to one teaspoon of sesame oil to get this stir-fry going.  Now I’ll add the chicken and get the utensils it touched right in the sink and wash my hands in warm soapy water.                                         

This pan is HOT!  So it’s time to add the veggies.  I start with the onions and celery.  This will go quickly so I already add the tofu too.  I add the broccoli, the bok-choy, and red pepper right after that.  Just as soon as that is in I give it a good toss around in the pan so the things on the bottom get to the top and the top things get in the heat.  I need to add some liquid to cool things off  just a dab.  I don’t want to scorch all this hard prep work.   The slicing and dicing takes up way more time than stir-frying it all together.  I’m telling you the cooking is done in just over 4 minutes.  I also will add some fish sauce.  It gives it a nice umami taste…that meaty buttery flavor.  These liquids temper the heat but turn it into steam wich is still powerful enough to keep cooking the broccoli to the al dente point.  I like it to keep a little of its crunch under the tooth.  I add just a few more bits of Asian flavors: Sweet chili sauce, ginger, a chopped scallion for freshness,  and a bit more soy sauce so salt is not necessary.  I need to give this pan one final stir to mix everything together before I plate up.       

               There are four of us home for dinner tonight so to make it special for everyone we break out the chopsticks and have some fun!


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