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Two Power Lunches One Skillet

Odd as it may sound, this diva loathes shopping.  Since it is a necessary evil, I make the most of a trip to the store.  I buy a wide variety of vegetables and fruits to begin.  I’ll stock up on pantry staples like flour, noodles, rice, spices, condiments, a variety of breads.  I’ll buy canned items like diced tomatoes, beans, and condensed soups that I can make sauces that stretch into a meals for four or five.  I’ll also get some eggs, cheese, and meat, something to drink and cook with as well like milk,  juice, or wine, then get me out of there! 

Get me away from the rising prices of shrinking items, the people who block the aisles with their carts and themselves, the screaming kids and their impatient parents, then the final torture of the check-out…”Please Lady, not the price check, not a further delay when I’m this close to the exit!”  The total is always more than I wanted it to be but I grin and bear it like a good diva but inside my head I’m screaming.  I pray for patience and tolerance and am rewarded as soon as I get home and put everything away.  I’m filled with the peace that I have all I need.  I have food, clothing, and a place to live. 

The past two days have been quiet at home, at least in the day-time.  It’s been just me for lunch but I’ve had two of the most outstanding meals that only took minutes to prepare.  Not only were they healthy but I had bounding energy the rest of the afternoon.  In one of my trips to the store I bought all of the things you see in the pictures.  There were Mushrooms, spinach, grape tomatoes, fresh garlic, and about 3 oz. sliced firm tofu.  With just a whisper of olive oil I cooked off everything in one skillet until the tofu browned, the tomatoes were bursting, and the spinach was nicely wilted, then I seasoned with parsley, basil, salt and pepper.  For brightness, at the end I poured about a tablespoon of lemon juice over everything, swished that around until it was almost evaporated, then I slipped it onto my plate.  That dish took all of 3 minutes and it was so delicious I can’t describe it.

The next day I did a similar thing.  I had a grilled pork chop left over from two nights ago.  I cut it into chunks,  I sliced up a small onion and two mushrooms, grabbed a handful of spinach, and cooked it all up in one skillet with a hint of the olive oil again, maybe less because the chop would render some fat.  To season I added a little salt, pepper, and a tiny bit of garlic powder.  In the pantry I had a jar of this sauce for Asian dishes.  It was a glaze made for General Tso’s Chicken, the popular Chinese restaurant fare.  I put about two tablespoons in the skillet, gave all the ingredients a stir and, oh boy!  Three minutes later I was flying through the clouds of sweet and spicy heaven.  The sauce may have had more sugar than I needed but I’ll make sure to walk a little extra this evening.


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