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It’s Not a Fiesta Without the Guacamole

I have no Latino heritage (that I know of, I’m such a mutt) but when it comes to food, I find they really know how to party!  Guacamole constitutes a fiesta to me.  You simply can’t mess up this dish.  If you know how to chop onions, peppers, how to prepare an avocado,  and smash it all together, this party dip can be whipped up in five minutes.  Celebrate Cinco de Mayo the right way and try this quick and easy Mexican treat.  

To prepare an avocado I go for easy.  Slice it in two from top to bottom and remove the pit.  I remove it by whacking the knife into the center of it, giving it a little twist and out it comes.  With each half I score it crosswise and remove the meat of it by scooping it out with a spoon.  Once that is done.  I mince up just a thin slice of an onion, combine it with the avocado, add the lemon juice, a few slices of a hot pepper preserved from last year’s crop, (any little teaspoon of minced hot pepper will do) sprinkle on a bit of cilantro and garlic powder, then mush it all together.  I reserve the skins to make cute little containers and surround them with corn chips.  It’s too easy and too delicious to not keep a whole container to myself.  The good news is each half of avocado makes its own cup so you can make as many as you need while the avocados are on sale.  ¡Buena idea y adios!


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