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Pork Tenderloin Medallions with Sweet sauce

Pork is one of those things I like to cook with apples, maybe oranges, plums, well, anything fruity.  Today I will be making pork tenderloin medallions with a sauce made from my friends gift of apple butter, cinnamon and the drippings from the baking pan.  I’m excited about all these flavors coming together in a mouth-watering, tender main course that really satisfies. 

I start with a whole tenderloin that was a great buy at the store.  I cut it to fit my skillet so that I can sear it on all sides and then put it under the broiler on a rack to allow drippings to fall away and let the meat continue to cook on all sides evenly.   It will need to broil for about 2o minutes turning half way to an internal temp of about 150°.  Pork can now be served at a less that well done temperature.  It used to be that pork had to be well done for the threat of certain bacteria, but improvements in the processing standards have eliminated the danger in the United States for decades.  Having a slightly pink center also increases the tenderness.  Over cooking can ruin a beautiful piece of meat.  Checking the temperature after about 15 to  minutes is my recommendation.  This particular tenderloin was rather large so it took the full 20 minutes to cook.  Left behind in the roasting pan, are nicely browned drippings which will become a silky sweet spicy brown sauce to spoon over the pork.  I use some apple butter, some spices, especially cinnamon and red pepper, a little dash of soy sauce and a slurry of corn starch to thicken the sauce.  I think a complimentary side dish of sautéed apples (sautéed in the same skillet in which the tenderloin was browned) and onions with a hit of cinnamon, red pepper, and brown sugar would be lovely so that’s what I’ll do next.  It’s just a Wednesday night and I serve this otherwise fancy cut of pork in a casual way…cute little medallions coated with that yummy sauce.  No need for a tie or high heels, the food will take the stage tonight.


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