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Championing Breakfast

With Summertime in full swing, everyone’s got to go somewhere or do something, and breakfast is an important fuel for a  day full of activity.  I make these to give everyone that fuel…I’ll call them Fritata Tostadas because they are eggs, veggies and cheese, on top of a crispy flour tortilla. 

First I start with the veggies.  I dice up some onions and green peppers and start to cook them with a tablespoon of olive oil.  I add salt and pepper, just a pinch of each.  When those are browned on the edges, I add a few chunks of diced tomato.  I use them from a can today.  I really wish the ones in the garden were ready…I’ll just have to be patient.  For cooking purposes though, I use diced canned tomatoes a lot!  They are a good replacement when you don’t have fresh ones on hand, or the ones in the store are dreadful and only ripe looking…inside, blech!  The ones in the can seem to be made from freshly picked ones to me. 

I just cook the tomatoes in with the onions enough to heat them through.  Sometimes I’ll cook in mushrooms…just what ever tastes good.  In a small bowl I whisk up two large eggs and pour them over the top of the veggies in the skillet.  They sizzle immediately but quickly settle down and begin to cook.  I turn the heat down to medium and let things go a while.   About 5 minutes later the eggs look almost completely cooked.  With a spatula I loosen the edges and swirl the pan to make sure it is not sticking.   This will insure an easy flip…yes, it needs a careful flip.  I grate a little cheddar cheese on top before I place the tortilla on top and flip it over.  A little butter on the tortilla will help crisp that side and aid in sliding it onto your plate.  There are two ways to do a careful flip.  I loosen the eggs all around with a spatula again to make sure it will release, then place my fingertips on the tortilla, turn the pan up-side-down and let it fall away from the pan. Then I quickly and carefully toss and catch it in the skillet again.  It’s good to do this over the sink.  Another way is to release the eggs with a spatula and use another heated skillet to catch it…a little safer, but still the tricky part.  I have to admit, I haven’t always been a successful flipper but the results have always been edible. 

In the end I slice it like a pizza and have enough for two…in another 5 minutes another one will be done so all four of us can enjoy a hot breakfast.  The eight year old and the husband like their food much cooler so this works out to satisfy us all. 

 Now we’re all ready to tackle a busy day of work, bike riding, gardening, and V.B.S.


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