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Garden Fresh Pizza and So Much More

My husband, youngest daughter, and I, had just gotten home from a camping trip.   I was in the driveway unloading the camper and clapping the sand out of our river shoes when my friend and neighbor apparently saw us backing in with the old Steury in tow, because minutes later she sent her husband and daughter across the street with a neighborly sack of goodies from her father’s garden…  The most beautiful summer vine ripe tomatoes in a couple of varieties, and several just picked cucumbers.  The surprise and delight were written all over my sunburned face.  It made their 8-year-old daughter smile the cutest crinkle nosed smile in return (just like her mother might have done).    I chatted a bit with her dad about our trip and told her to thank her mom for the goodies before they both walked back across the street.  I dropped everything and hurried inside to get a closer look at the treasure.  Pure gold!  It was such a hot day and I thought after sweating so much while camping in the heat of July that those things would be so great on a nice cool salad… and they were!  We had some left over grilled steak from the trip and I whipped up a salad to go with for supper.  The next day I made a garden fresh pizza for lunch with cucumber slices marinated in a little vinegar, water, dill weed, a pinch of salt, and a tablespoon of sugar, on the side. 

After eating all things grilled on an open fire for several days, it was nice to have something from the oven for a change.  With a simple dough recipe of  1 tbsp rapid rise yeast, 1 cup hot water, a tablespoon of honey, 3 cups flour, and a teaspoon of salt, I mixed it all up and rolled out a crust (made a loaf of bread with the remaining).  With the juicy summer ripe tomatoes there was no need to use sauce.  I spread them out in slices, added some fresh mozzarella cheese and went out  back to pick some basil leaves out of my little herb garden.  A tiny bit more cheese on top and it was ready for the 450° oven.   Fifteen minutes later it all came together to make us quite a satisfying lunch.

So here we are today.   There are only a few tomatoes left and a couple of cucumbers.  I have that loaf of bread all sliced and there’s cheddar cheese in the frige.  For lunch we have grilled cheese sandwiches with the lovely crunch of fresh cucumbers and colorful sliced tomatoes on the side.  I can’t wait to tell my friend how well we’ve eaten all week from the gift she sent over on Sunday.  I think I’ll make her a pie in return.  I love my neighbors!


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