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Gimme that Chimi

It was one of those days when there seemed to be nothing to eat in the house, but after a little perusing of the frige and the pantry I found ingredients that might make something good.  I had two frozen chicken breasts, an onion, a half of a red pepper, a poblano pepper, a can of tomatoes, a little Monterey Jack cheese, a dab of enchilada sauce, and a few flour tortillas.  I always have spices and sauces around to tweak flavors of food, so then I went to work. 

I thawed the chicken breasts and went outside to grill them.  While they were cooling, I diced up the onions and peppers,  got a skillet out and with an over flowing tablespoon of oil, I started to saute the veggies.  A little dash of cilantro and garlic powder seemed right to add…then some salt and pepper.  Things were getting kind of sticky so I poured in about half of the can of diced tomatoes juice and all.  That helped the just caramelized flavors unstick from the skillet and started to steam up some tasty smells in my face.  I thought, “This is going to be good what ever it becomes.” 

Next I shredded the grilled chicken which was just as juicy and tender as could be.  That was mixed in with the hot vegetables, that left-over quarter cup of enchilada sauce, and simmered to reduce.  Then It looked about ready to be stuffing for some delicious burritos…Nah, I wanted to go all the way, so I put a few tablespoons of the mixture on the flour tortillas kind of towards the bottom to leave room for rolling them, sprinkled a bit of cheese on top, and folded them up from the bottom first, then the sides and then rolled them into neat little chimi packages.  In a clean skillet  drizzled with a bit more olive oil, then with the seams down at first, I toasted the chimis on a medium heat until they were warm through and a beautiful golden brown on both sides.  I sprinkled a bit more cheese on top, dressed the top with packets of taco sauce I had saved, and we enjoyed this Mexican delight to the max!  I could have added some sour cream or guacamole if I had some.  I’ll plan on it next time.  Chimichangas can also be made with other kinds of filling.  You could use beans, pork or beef as a base as well.  I thought the grilled flavor of the chicken was suburb…not bad at all considering I thought there was nothing to eat in the house.


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