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The Truth…A Behind the Scene Look at the Diva of Delicious

Diva I may be, but Pollyanna I am not.  I like an occasional beer or glass of wine (or two), I’ve even been known to smoke a cigar with the boys.  I don’t want to delude you that I am this prim and proper lady whose place is but in the kitchen.  It just happens to be the room where it’s all goin’ on even among the dishes in the sink, and the refrigerator beshingled with notices, school papers and artworks of all kinds.  I do wish it were bigger and had a place to sit.  But when folks come over they all seem to congregate in the kitchen anyway leaning against the counters and the sink.  I often have to shoo bottoms away from the cabinets they are blocking and I usually have a spatula handy to do so.  You don’t want to get hit by the one that just came out of the scrambled eggs, so kindly move it!  This is my stage!  I’m the diva!  I’m also the director the photographer, the writer, and the producer.

It’s been a year since I created this blog,  I’m proud to have a few subscribers, and increasing visits in this relatively short time.  As a treat to my visitors who might think I’m June Cleaver and live in a neat and tidy home cooking all the time, I wish to share some photos of what life is really like in my small, crazy, cluttered, but pretty happy home.  It’s my family that makes me the diva that I am. 

My husband is a sincerely devoted man to me and I am to him.  He loves his two step-children as if they were his own and he couldn’t be crazier about his own daughter either.  He is on very friendly terms with my first husband not making an issue of his visiting the big kids.  I love him all the more for not allowing a past relationship to stir up the struggles and negative emotions so many people I know have endured after divorce and re-marriage.  Jeff and I were actually highschool sweethearts and had the opportunity to meet up 10 years ago and fall in love all over again only this time with a relationship of much more substance.  ironically Jeff helps me simplify life.  We are both in agreement that less is more.  We drive cars that are old, but paid for, we live in a small ranch home in a cute little neighborhood, we shop at Wal-mart, Aldi, and thrift stores, and go to our little church on Sundays.  We agree that having food in the pantry, clothes on our back, a roof over our heads, and a place to worship is enough.  We can handle the increasing food prices and it is wise to have insurance.  On a policeman’s salary we want for nothing and carry no debt.  We have a nice computer, but we don’t have cable TV or even a satelite…we just don’t watch that much TV. 

I wouldn’t want a new car to insure these days anyway.  They are so expensive and so complex.  Thank God, Jeff knows how to work on cars.  He can replace brakes, water pumps, tie-rod ends, belts of all kinds, tops off all fluids and lubricants, and he even knows how to fix lawn mowers.  That alone has saved us thousands of dollars over the years.  I’m not too un-handy myself.  If it comes with instructions, I can put it together.  I even used a chain saw the other day to cut railroad ties we got for free off Craig’s List for a new retaining wall in the backyard. I’ve fixed the toilets upstairs and down, replaced a soap dish my daughter accidentally pulled out of the wall while attempting to swing from it in the bathtub one day.  I learned how to caulk and have always been a darn good trim painter.  I’ve even fixed the dishwasher, and installed a light fixture or two.    My husband and I do all the gardening and yard work and It looks pretty nice on the outside (when we’re not having a drought) If we had to pay for all these skills we certainly would be in debt. 

The truth is that we’re not this prim and proper family living in “stately Wayne Manor”.  My house is nowhere near the cleanliness level of Marie Baronne’s…or even Deborah’s for that matter.   Something is always falling apart or breaking down.  My entire living room is furnished with inherited couches and chairs, garage sale finds, home-made stuff, and (embarrassingly enough) things people were getting rid of on the curb.  It’s home, it’s happy and I’m ever so thankful for it.  Even though you’ve seen the truth behind the scenes, I hope you’ll come back because I’m still a diva in my kitchen.


2 responses

  1. This is a wonderful behind the scene look at a real diva.

    Your kitchen seems busy,loud,congested and the heartbeat of your home. It reminded me of the home I grew up in. The kind where
    anyone is welcomed whether they choose to be hands on (set the table, help with homework,take out the garbage) or know how to keep you company while avoiding contact with your spatula.


    October 19, 2011 at 3:12 pm

    • Zelda, Thank you for understanding! I grew up the same way too…The kitchen certainly is the heart and I wouldn’t have it any other way…but the “Aunt Jemima Spatula Treatment” is my own self developed strategic navigation tactic. You may borrow it if you like. 😉

      October 20, 2011 at 10:41 am

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