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Pork under Pressure

I posted recently on a luncheon I made for a group of 30 pastors having a meeting at my church.  I took pictures of everything but the pulled pork which was a huge hit.  I had quite a few handshakes of appreciation and even a round of applause.  Being in the limelight in any other setting than my own kitchen was strange to be honest.  I actually blushed I think…either that or I had my first hot-flash just then.  What ever it was, being the diva suddenly didn’t fit, so I decided that on another day I would make this dish in my own home where I’m at home being the diva of delicious.

Some would argue that pork loin roast would become dry and that pork butt would be the meat to use in this application.  I find that the pork loin is leaner but not so dry as people would fear.  The pressure cooker keeps the meat moist and delicious.  To each their own however.  If pork butt is what you’re used to, then use that.  The leaner loin roast suits me fine without sacrificing tenderness.   All I’ll say is that there wasn’t a scrap left from the thirty pastors to whom I served this dish about a month ago.

I found a video on You Tube by a friendly lady named Noreen whose pulled pork was made in the pressure cooker with a half pork loin roast.  I tweaked this recipe to suit my own cooker by lengthening the cooking time a tad and adding a beer to the liquid.  In the video just one cup of liquid was used but I found that to be not quite enough.  Maybe my pressure cooker lets off more steam, I don’t know.  I also like the flavor (and aroma) beer gives off when cooking pork…they compliment each other well.

Once the ingredients are gathered and thrown into the pot it’s easy…  Set it and forget it.  Here is what I used:

  • One half pork loin roast 
  • One tall beer 
  • A good dash of garlic powder
  • An even better dash of minced onion
  • 2 chicken bouillon cubes dissolved in a cup of boiling water 
  • Additional water to cover only half of pork loin
  • A sprinkle of salt and pepper
  • One 18 oz bottle of  my favorite BBQ sauce (which is Sweet Baby Ray’s or Bull’s Eye)

Turn on the pressure cooker to 350°.  Over the stove-top this would be medium heat.  Pour in the liquid ingredients. Place the roast fat side up in the liquid, then sprinkle the garlic, onion, salt, and pepper over the meat.  Secure the top of the pressure cooker and let it go for about an hour.  Turn off the heat. Release the steam if you can or wait until it happens naturally if you don’t have a control valve.  Check the liquid level inside.  It may need a bit more water to continue cooking the other side.  I used about half a cup in mine.  Place the lid back on and continue to cook for another 30 minutes on medium heat or 325°.  Shut off the heat again and let the pressure level for about another 15 minutes.  Carefully remove the lid again and test the meat with a fork.  It should easily flake apart. 

Since my cooker has a non stick interior I move the meat to a mixing bowl and use two forks pulling in opposite directions to shred all of it into strands.  When there are no longer lumps of meat I add a whole 18 oz bottle of BBQ sauce.  Use your favorite kind or mix up your own if you have a favorite recipe.  Blend it all together and pile some onto the kind of bread or bun you like. 

We all go for wheat bread and without blushing or hot-flashing, I graciously accept the yummy sounds my family makes while having lunch,  as applause.


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