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A Sick Day With Chocolate Inspiration

Once this cold I have turned into and unbelievably sore throat and double ear aches I decided something professional had to be done.  I had been to the doctor around noon yesterday and he put me on a round of antibiotics, but they hadn’t quite kicked in at 11:00pm that night.  My husband was on his way home from work.  He was going from evening shift back to days so he needed to catch up on rest.  I didn’t want to keep him awake with my coughing, nose blowing, and moaning over aching ears, so I spent a tough night on the couch where I wouldn’t bother anyone.  As usual for the day shift Jeff was up a 5:00am and out the door at 6:00…an hour I chose to migrate to the much more comfy bed, not before receiving his most sympathetic look and a loving hug goodbye. 

Our daughter gets up at 7:00 so I had another hour of relatively sound sleep.  She’s almost nine but still needs a lot of encouragement to wake up, dress, eat breakfast, brush teeth and hair, find shoes, glasses, coats/sweaters, and backpack while I make breakfast, and pack lunch, and often go to the laundry room to search for socks that she can’t seem to find even though when I go down there, they are right inside the dryer where I told her to look. (huff puff)  I get back upstairs coughing wildly and reprimanding her for not seeing what was right in front of her between coughs.  She (I think) decides (while I pop four Advil) I’m going to die yelling at her, and chooses to cooperate wholeheartedly the entire rest of the morning routine.

We’re at the door at 8:15 and I’m helping her get her coat and back pack on.  I ask her to put up her hood because it’s chilly and raining a bit.  She starts to complain how stupid a hood looks and I give her just a hint of the stink-eye…she sighs and after looking at me, grudgingly puts up her hood and goes out the door.  I hear the school bus engine roaring up the street and croak after her, “Have a nice day…cough cough.”  She doesn’t look back.

I don’t blame her.  I go into the bathroom to see about brushing my own teeth and hair and heaven knows I would need all the help I could get…(queue Psycho shower scene music reEE reEE reEE reEE) I look in the mirror and see eight kinds of NASTAAAY!  No wonder Jeff looked so sorry for me and why Julia was so cooperative but refused to look back or quite possibly, simply didn’t hear my pathetic croaking over the bus engine.  The cold seemed to move straight into my right eye and is deeply bloodshot, with puffy bags underneath, my hair is matted, I have zits on my face, the skin on the sides of my nose is flaking and peeling for blowing it so much and I couldn’t look less glamorous in my husbands (comfy) blaze orange hunting shirt.  My poor family…This is NOT how a diva should ever look!  I brush my hair and teeth and gargle…I feel a tinge better at this.  Birthdays and holidays are coming so I’d better get better soon.

For inspiration (and a diversion) I turn to my dear Julia…not my daughter but the one I named my daughter after… Julia Child.  I often peruse cooking shows on YouTube.  Today thinking of the up-coming birthdays I found a video Julia and a guest of hers made on how to make a Genoise Raspberry Chocolate Ruffle cake.  This cake was made of layers of dense chocolate cake, sweetened creme fraiche, and raspberries, and topped with exquisitely beautiful and delicate chocolate ruffles.  I needed to know how to do this!  I forgot all about how lousy I felt (and I think by now the Advil was kicking in) and played the video over a couple of times to pick up the secret of how to make these lovely ruffles 

I have to say that it is not an easy thing.  I tried it using about 1 and 1/2 oz. of semi sweet chocolate as not to waste too much of a good thing.  I had all of the tools this lady had to make these ruffles so why not?  It took two attempts to make even a semblance of what this master did with ease and grace, but I think when I’m feeling better and have a purpose for these pretty decorations and maybe one more practice, I will understand better how the process works.  My daughter is going to have the prettiest birthday cake ever this year and I will be sure to post.   Now I will try to cure myself by taking my antibiotic and eating 1 and 1/2 oz of chocolate ruffles.   Ta-ta for now.


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