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Sending Hubby Out to Get the Goods

The pressure was on.  It was the day I had to make pies for the big event.  Our church was having its annual Roast Beef Supper and I volunteered make several pies.  I’m always making pie for some reason or another but I don’t always get the pie plates back.  I have three out on loan currently since pie season has officially started (or at least I’ve declared it so since two blog entries ago).  I thought I’d be clever this year and go with foil, eliminating the worry of tracking down the glass ones later.

Well, with just a few hours before showtime and so much to do, I asked my husband if he wouldn’t mind going out to get the foil pie pans at our nearby dollar store since he was dressed and had his shoes on.  Surely our little neighborhood dollar store would have them, what, with the onset of pie season…Evidently the dollar store doesn’t subscribe to my blog and had not gotten the declaration of pie season memo!  They had none.

It is a well-known fact that I HATE shopping.  I do it out of necessity only.  My husband, most fortunately for me, rather enjoys it and is usually happy to do anything I ask him on that front, as long as I equip him with a detailed list and clear descriptions.  Trick is, the stores don’t always have what’s on a list and my descriptions might not have enough detail but luckily he is still up to the task of that which I wholeheartedly despise. 

Now, my husband is a man who doesn’t cook, so unless the descriptions are crystal clear with accurate dimensions, he might not know what features to look for in foil pie pan ware.  Because of the blessings of modern technology and my beloved’s willingness, I am so often spared the dread of shopping, but only need to check my e-mail for a glimpse at what is available.  He took this photo then called and alerted me of it being sent so I would understand that he truly couldn’t find anything that fit the description on the list.  When I saw this photo I could so see him eyeing these rather large pans and thinking, “Mmm, giant pie, laaalaaal” (kind of like Homer Simpson).  When he called me to see what I thought of the pans in the picture I got the feeling he was hoping I’d say, “Aw, go ahead and get one of those  pans and be done with it… pie can be square.” 

Well, I didn’t say it.  Instead I asked him if he could go to another nearby store to see what they had…and he did.  I swear, I’m the luckiest wife on earth!  The regular grocery store would have had them but it is pretty far and their pie plates would have been more expensive (It’s not only well-known that I hate shopping but also that I’m a cheap skate).   Well, at the other store he called to tell me that they indeed have nine-inch foil baking pans….Triumph! 

When he got home he showed me the goods, waving them as he pulled them out of the bag, with a smile a mile wide and his eyebrows up in his hairline (and that’s pretty far for him) because he loves helping me so…he knows how very much I dread the store…any store.  I’ve never seen a man so proud of the 9″cake pans he purchased and at the value of them coming in a pack of 4…with lids!!  So he bought two packs.

I am just evil.  I could have kept my mouth shut, but no.  Clearly feeling the pressure of the deadline and having only a few hours to make all these pies I promised, I tell him that a pie plate has a 45° incline from rim to bottom…he’s a math whiz and would totally understand that…if only I would have thought to put that in the description on the list, but I didn’t.   So feeling a bit frustrated, I go into the cabinet and show him the difference between a cake pan and a pie pan, pointing out the 45° incline and everything, in a not so very nice way. 

This was not going to take him down.  His smile never faltered and his eyebrows remained very high.  He simply said, “You can still make pies in these, they’ll just be deep dish….and they’ll have lids!”

I don’t know what, but something about the lids miraculously gave him immunity from my bitchyness…like little silver shields deflecting any attack.  It was at that moment I felt like the Grinch Who Stole Christmas when his heart grew twelve times in size and shattered the little measuring frame device.  The miracle had occurred in me too.  My heart softened and I thanked him for going to all the trouble for me.  I went to work making two cherry pies and a ginger peach pie all deep dish of course.

When we got to the supper, right away one of the ladies there admired the pies as I removed the lids (those glorious shiny lids).  Shortly after that, someone selected and purchased one of the cherry pies I made, out of a room full of pies, to give as a gift to a friend.  After all I put him through, shopping at two stores, sending pictures to my e-mail, and venting my frustration, I’m so glad that my dear, sweet, willing, and ever positive husband was there to witness their appreciation.  Thank you God for such a wonderful husband and foil pans with lids!


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