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Back to Normal

There’s just the family to feed…but at all hours of the day.  That’s the norm when the whole family’s together.  A good way to manage so many appetites and so many schedules, are soups and sandwiches.  One is able to find a meal for the next two days when there’s a big pot of soup and a big sandwich in the house. 

For the soup:  Turkey noodle.

  • Start with bits of turkey leftovers like (cooked) legs and wings and boil in 4 quarts salted water for ten minutes.  Take turkey out and set aside to cool.
  • If you have leftover gravy put some in the boiling stock ; about a cup, or use chicken stock with a tablespoon or so of corn starch.
  • two carrots sliced
  • one onion diced
  • Two ribs of celery sliced
  • A dash or so each of salt, pepper, garlic powder, or minced fresh garlic, chopped parsley, and Cajun seasoning powder.
  • A pinch each of thyme and sage
  • One bag of  wide egg noodles.  In this soup I used 3/4 lb. farfalle (bow-tie pasta)

Straight from the fridge to the pot of boiling salted water went the turkey leftovers, bones and all.  In a skillet with a little olive oil I cooked up the carrots, onions, celery with garlic, salt and pepper.  After the turkey boiled ten minutes, I took it out of the broth and set it aside to cool.  When the veggies were browned a bit on the edges I added a ladle of stock to the skillet to deglaze then added everything in the skillet to the stock.  I adjusted the spices, adding the thyme, sage, and Cajun seasoning.  For the next ten minutes I boiled the noodles.  I removed the now cooled turkey from the  bones and cut it into small dice.  All that simmered until it thickened slightly from the pasta’s presence.  It was good as the evening got chillier. 

The Sandwich:  Poor Boy

For the guys and the ones who work up more of an appetite, or the one who just wants a little slice of something to snack on, the two foot poor boy sandwich is the thing to make.  You could use leftover turkey and ham for this.  Or you could purchase a package of deli sliced meats you like and use it.  I like jack cheese on a sandwich.  Pepper cheese …even better.  Start piling on the meat, cheese, tomato, olives, lettuce, mayo and/or deli mustard on a loaf of French bread.  Wrap everything up in butcher’s or wax paper and refrigerate.   Now, really good food is just a slice and a minute in the microwave away for anyone who’s hungry for the next couple of days.  Tomorrow I’ll make a pot of chili and another long sandwich to get us to  New Years Day.


4 responses

  1. Soup is a great idea for the left overs, thanks for sharing.

    December 28, 2011 at 10:23 am

  2. I love your poor boy sandwich… I’ll have to try this when Phil is back home, he just might forget to slice and eat the whole thing:)

    December 28, 2011 at 12:30 pm

    • I think your Phil and my Jeff are related 🙂

      December 28, 2011 at 10:09 pm

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