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Turning Over A New Leaf

We’re well into the second week of the new year and I’m keeping my resolution to eat salads for meals at least three times a week…salads with no croutons, no dressing other than low  to no fat, no cheese, and no meat…Fruit, vegetables,  nuts, and greens only.  I’m hoping that this will help me to shed some holiday pounds and get the nutrition I need during the winter months.  This salad was made with some spring mix lettuce, some shredded carrot, cabbage, chopped walnuts, sliced orange, apple, and fat-free raspberry vinaigrette.  The color is fantastic!  I feel so much better about eating all this variety knowing how good it is for me.  My goal is to be Fabulous and 50 this November.  I’ll be charting my progress for the next ten months and I’ll gladly accept all the support I can get.


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