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No Time To Shop And Everyone’s Hungry

Since Friday I haven’t been to to store, and boy is it looking bleak in that fridge.  I’m out of carrots, onions and the celery has been whittled down to its pale wilty innards.  I will make it to the store eventually but I didn’t think I would find anything to feed the household. Last night turned out to be a success on several counts.  I made something very nutritious, I got my family to eat fish for the third time this month (and that is saying something), and It turned out to be… wait for it…. DELICIOUS!  I am complete!

I don’t know what to name this dish but I’ll describe it as a gumboesque fish stew. With the ingredients in the photo and a few spices it all came together and we ate with delight and Praise that food bountifully came pouring from what we thought couldn’t be anything.

First I chopped up the leeks and cabbage and 4 tilapia fillets, threw them in a skillet with a splash of olive oil, pepper, and garlic powder, then I added about a half cup of the fire roasted tomatoes (there were green chilies and jalapeno peppers in this can so the spiciness and tastiness went a long way), before the greens and fish got too brown,  I also added a can of diced tomatoes, juice and all to allow the cabbage and fish to steam the rest of the way.

After a few minutes of bubbling I gave everything a good stir and shut off the flame.  In a dutch oven I used about half a can of crushed tomato with a couple heaping tablespoons of tomato paste.  I stirred in two cups of left over cooked rice, then added the contents of the skillet, a little more water, about a cup of frozen corn, a good amount of paprika and and let everything bubble a while and blend the flavors.  After about three minutes I adjusted the salt and pepper and got some bowls down from the cabinets, spoons out of the drawer and dinner was ready.  That was it, and like loaves and fishes it was a miracle!


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