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Eating Well While On The Road

I had a great trip to Iowa to see  my son who is working on his music major where we attended his senior recital.  I was amazed at the complex (and almost acrobatic) pieces he chose to perform on the marimba.  I was also amazed at the fact that after the recital he invited his old mom and sisters to his and his room mates’ house afterward for a little reception among all his friends..  His friends and room mates were really great… making the house full of wits, and wonderful music.

Well, Bill was the host with the most!  He spent the day baking sourdough bread.  At the party after his recital, he sliced them up and made a quick and simple dipping oil (olive oil, freshly cracked pepper, and ground sea salt).  And everyone devoured the bread because it was so fresh and good.

The house was neatish, friendly, and comfortable…a place that even his nine year old sister could visit.  Bill’s friends were all sweet…many were also very talented and entertained everyone with a great jazz duet they played on an organ in the living room normally used for keyboard practice.   The gathering was superb…the icing on the cake that was this long but enjoyable day!

We went back to the hotel with lovely music ringing in our heads, smiles on our faces and delicious bread in our tummies.  Exhausted from the trip, my daughters crashed quickly, but not me.  I was so wound up from the day’s experiences…getting packed for a weekend, making sure our vehicles were road ready (delivering Bill the Blazer now would help him get his belongings home later), the five hour drive (which thankfully went very smoothly), checking in at the hotel, Stopping for dinner at the Hy-Vee grocery (which to my relief was right next to the close by McDonalds I thought would have to do in the rush) for roticerie chicken, buns, big fresh strawberries and carrots, changing for the concert, the concert itself, meeting all Bill’s really sweet and talented people…it all had my mind whirring with relief for not only finaly having some down time, but also for the fact that my son is more than a talented musician, and a super friend with super good people, and that I’m the mother of a man who knows how to bake really good bread!

The next day he really really impressed me with the kind of food of central East Iowa offers.  In all the four years he’s been there, we finally got to try the restaurant he’s been raving about.  I see why he likes it immediately!   Right when we walked in, the fresh flowers on every table clued us in to how much freshness plays a role here.  The Lincoln Cafe, if you click on the “about” in the link, it’s just about everything food should be … delicious in a locally grown and raised, made from scratch way.   They did not disappoint.

We ordered.   The girls had BLT’s made with locally raised pork, freshly baked whole wheat bread, and home made avocado mayonaise…a rich aioli.  I ordered a grilled veggie sandwich of portobellas, yellow squash, zucchini, tomato and lettuce with a fresh pesto sauce on a bun that wash shining and tasted as if just out of the oven.  Bill was overjoyed to indulge in his favorite Lincoln Burger (naturally from local grass fed beef).  He gave me a taste and it was like eating a freshly ground strip steak with melted cheddar cheese and the same shining bun.  Even the cream for my coffee was from a town away.  I’d never tasted such fresh food made with such loving care anywhere else.  I highly recommend it now too.

After filling our tummies and our tanks with fuel to make the trek home, we said our goodbyes an got on the road back to St. Louis.  My oldest daughter drove us all back home in her new Nissan.  It went by so fast with us of all together, having time to just be girls together.  My poor husband was at home with the cat and had survived a tremendous storm with golf ball and baseball sized hail.  We’ll have to deal with minor shingle damage, but at least Bonnie’s pretty new car remains unscathed and Bill has the Blazer up in IA.  Jeff was at work when it happened and his truck was spared… didn’t get anything worse than lightening during the storm where he was.  Our blessing certainly have traveled with us!

What a weekend!  I’m glad we have it behind us, but it was a good one all in all.  I’ve been inspired by my children, by music, and good fortune.  I will spend my renewed energy experimenting with bread baking, aiolies, and pestos.  Thanks for reading about our trip to the college and hope you enjoy the links.


7 responses

  1. avian101

    Please have my sincere congratulations! I’ve seen the video and your son is fantastic! Welcome back! 🙂

    May 1, 2012 at 3:33 pm

  2. Oh, my goodness! I’m tired just read the ending of this post!! BUT.. I love the rest.. there couldn’t be anything more rewarding and fulfilling for a mother than seeing her children successfully living rich lives surrounded by loving friends!! xoxo Smidge

    May 8, 2012 at 11:14 pm

  3. Oh… I just found the video link!! Wow, your son is so talented, his music is fantastic.. did he write that piece? I don’t know how he can find each note that fast!!! Very impressive!!

    May 8, 2012 at 11:16 pm

    • Thank you! The piece in the video was written by Gordon Stout. in 1952…pretty far ahead of it’s time, right? Bill did another really active one by Darius Milhaud. It’s 20 minutes long. My arms were getting tired holding the camera but I can’t imagine playing something that busy for that long. That this comes from half of my DNA blows my mind.

      May 9, 2012 at 12:36 am

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