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Sunday Evening and the Kitchen Window

It was the first Sunday in a while that wasn’t packed with places to go or things to do.   We had no plans for the day and it felt a bit odd.  We did the routine…get up, get ready for church, go to church.  We’re fairly new members so it shouldn’t feel so routine, right?  Well when we got there we had a guest pastor, who was young, refreshing and something new and surprisingly,  he really grabbed my attention.  His sermon, wasn’t preachy but given from his heart and experiences.  The reading was a parable about wheat,  and weeds planted among the wheat by the farmer’s enemy.  The farmhands, asked the farmer if they should dig up the weeds but he said “No, it will upset the roots of the good crop.  We’ll separate them in the barn when we harvest, and throw out the weeds then.

I loved his message, and it wasn’t anything like “God’ll sort ’em out”.  I liked how this young pastor focused instead on loving your enemy…living  in harmony with your enemy during your life.  We know that road rage is wrong….not that I ever get it or anything…erm… (No worse feeling than being caught giving an angry look or muttering something unkind when you pass t0 find a little old man probably taking his sick wife to the doctor).  I was glad to be reminded that I’ve got to be a better person to live beside.   This routine day had suddenly changed.  It had a lot more purpose and direction.  If I’m going to live among the “weeds”…well, I don’t want to be on of them.  I’don’t want to ever be the enemy.  I need to  be careful not to tread on that territory, and be more of a peacemaker.

To have peace you must make peace… even peace for yourself.  We all need to slow down sometimes and have peace in our day in order to show it outward.  I really was in need of a peaceful day.  And this day, peace mercifully came to me abundantly.  It was like Mother’s day on steriods actually.

I was out watering potted plants in the front yard (It’s a sure way to get rain on an overcast day) and Jeff and Julia were having fun out back.  I started to smell something good while I finished watering.  What I smelled was what Jeff had begun cooking on the grill.  I had to know what it was!  Out the kitchen window I could see the two of them,   The grill smoke wafting up and away, while they played a game of catch.  Then Jeff paused and turned something over on the grill…I couldn’t see.  I was so curious.  When I got outside, I found that he had dinner all taken care of…even dessert.  He had steak and grilled potato slices which he marinated in a special recipe he did not divulge (gonna work on that), and peach slices on skewers ready to go for dessert.  I didn’t have to worry about anything this evening and my enthusiasm for cooking was not so great this day to think of something  so original and nice for dinner.  

I wish I had known earlier to take a picture of the nice juicy sirloin, and potato slices, but I only got a glimpse of the peaches after they were grilled.  They were a real treat!  They were not nearly ripe when they were cooked but grilling them brought out a sweetness like that of a peach cobbler made from perfectly ripe peaches.  In their state of being nearly ripe they were able to stand up to the fire well for 5 minutes per side on a slow fire (we use a propane gas grill).  The grilling made them perfectly sweet and firm enough to still bite into without turning to a runny mess.  And all he used was peaches

With dinner out of the way we were able to have some special time with Julia.  She is a creative young lady and this evening we all collected leaves to make a plant arrangement like none I’ve ever seen.  They were interesting, artistic, and even scientific.  She’s been decorating the kitchen window lately with real leaves in clear glass jars under water.  The water serves as a magnifying glass to see the veins and details of each leaf better.  The sparkle of the glass and water combined with the green hues of each leaf play so well together throughout the room.  They also last at least as long as fresh cut flowers for plant appeal on the inside of the home.  She picked some beautiful specimens today and we had fun finding different jars from the recycling and giving them just one more recycle (maybe even two or three) before hitting the bins in the driveway.  We really enjoyed this creative time with Julia.

There is peace here in our own little home tonight.  A storm had finally made its way through.  We had such an enjoyable evening and it was good not to have to cook or go anywhere for a change.  The rain was so much needed like the need I had for peace… I’m overwhelmed at the peace I feel now… hearing the rolling thunder and looking out the kitchen window.


4 responses

  1. avian101

    What you wrote in this post today is the traditional American way to live, ’till all was changed by the infamous Liberal Civil Groups and the leftist government! By the way have you heard this yet? You didn’t cook that! Your government made all the fertilizer (In the WH) to grow your garden vegetables!
    Seriously now, I’m glad to hear that we have families such as yours in our America! Thank you for sharing Diva! 🙂

    August 27, 2012 at 11:41 am

  2. Thank you, (I compost my own fertilizer) and peace be with you my friend 🙂

    August 27, 2012 at 12:10 pm

  3. Gayle Friz

    So happy for your peaceful day! And amazed at the simple beauty of the leaves in the glass jars! Love to you and your dear ones!

    August 27, 2012 at 12:19 pm

    • Thank you Gayle! Hope you had a peaceful one as well. Love to you and yours also!

      August 27, 2012 at 1:42 pm

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