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Foodie Fatigue

I’ve been blogging about food for two years now and it’s difficult to come up with fresh exciting dishes all the time.  In 175 or so posts, I’ve blogged about the ones that turned out really well.  There were times that I produced only disaster like the time I fell asleep with a beautiful cheese cake in the oven.  I should have known better than to start baking something at 10:00 pm.  It was going to be for the 4th of July but I didn’t want to bake until it cooled off in the evening.  Big mistake.

Everything was going swimmingly.  I had my 1,2,3 cheesecake recipe which consists of 1 cup sugar, 2 eggs, and 3  8-oz. packages of cream cheese.  It’s 1,2,3 for the crust as well…1 package cinnamon graham crackers, 2, heaping tablespoons walnuts or pecans, and OK, 6 tablespoons melted butter…three ingredients in  the crust anyway.

First I prepared the crust.  In the processor, I added the crackers, broken up a bit first, then the nuts, and then the butter.  I pulsed this until it started to come together.  I poured this out into a buttered and parchment lined spring-form pan, spread the mixture on the bottom only, and patted it down firmly with a flat spatula, then went to work on the cake part.

In a large mixing bowl I added the room temperature cream cheese, the eggs, and sugar.  With the hand mixer I mixed this until it was smooth.  In July there are the freshest strawberries and blueberries and I added a few handfuls of each (cutting the strawberries into blueberry sized bits) to the batter, about a cup or so of berries total.  I folded them in, poured the batter onto the crust, smoothed it until it was relatively flat on top, and put it in a 300° oven for what was supposed to be an hour.

I thought for sure I’d be awake for the next hour and would have a beautiful cheesecake ready to put in the freezer and be ready to take to the family gathering on the 4th.  Weeeell, that didn’t happen.  I didn’t think it would hurt to lie down on the sofa and watch some TV.  After all, I’d been on my feet almost all day.  It felt so good to finally get off of the dogs.  The shows were boring and I soon drifted off to sleep not to wake until 4 am.  I was smelling something toasty.   Aaak!

It was a good thing that cheesecake bakes in such a slow oven because aside from a sturdy hunk of roast beast, I can’t think of many things that will withstand five hours of baking.  Usually a cheesecake bakes one hour and turns out as pale as can be.  This one wasn’t exactly burnt but I think a few more minutes would have been a little too far.  After a good freezing and thawing, the darn thing was still edible, just not beautiful.  There is something about cheese that when it is a bit toasty…it’s also a bit tasty.  This was the case of my poor forgotten cheesecake.  I didn’t take it to the gathering but here at home we, sliced and ate, and sliced ate it, until it was all gone.


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