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We Finally Had A Hard Frost…Garden’s Done

Here in St. Louis Missouri the frost finally took out the last of the garden.  Because of the drought and not having time to plant and care for as much, this year didn’t turn out very much.  We got a few tomatoes, a few sweet potatoes, Two whole green beans (woo hoo!), tons of lettuce early on and later on, a few zucchini, a few peppers, Lots of parsley, basil and cherry tomatoes on the front porch, and these two tiny pumpkins I rescued from the vine last night.

Besides the drought, I did a lot of things wrong in the garden this year.  Once, our backyard was a sunny place but over the years our neighbor’s oak tree has “branched out” a bit lending lots of shade for the hostas but the tomatoes and zucchinis don’t like it back there any more.  With all this shade, the wildlife has found it a comfortable spot to meet for lunch, hence the two green beans.  This coming year I think we need to utilize other sunnier spots for the vegetable gardens.  We’ve been stockpiling wood for raised new beds already.

So, now we have just a couple of straggling tomatoes in the windowsill ripening.  The lettuce held up to the frost pretty well thanks to last night’s leaf fall  from that neighbors tree.  I brushed them away and grabbed a handful of lettuce for myself and my son’s lunch.

My son Bill loves to bake bread.  He made an excellent sourdough bread from wild yeast the other day, and we made grilled chicken sandwiches with his bread, one of the windowsill tomatoes, and the freshly picked lettuce.  We ate our lunch together and savored the last little taste of summer freshness.  

I’m really kicking myself for not building that cold frame this year.  It seems like just now I’m finding more time to garden.  When I’m really dreaming, I’m thinking about building a greenhouse.  I could keep so many things going, and start so many things earlier if I only had one.  It is a goal to build one or the other, maybe even both, because I’d love to be able to feed the family fresh food like this all year long.


2 responses

  1. avian101

    There’s always next year! I bet you’ll do better next time.
    That sourdough bread looks so good…yummy! 🙂

    November 12, 2012 at 6:45 pm

    • I look forward to next year’s garden already. I love to spend cold winter days looking at seed catalogs…keeps me from going crazy…well, almost 🙂
      I’m trying to learn my son’s secret to sourdough bread making. He says he uses a recipe from Martha Stewart’s web site. I’m yet to master this but will blog about it when I do. Take care!

      November 13, 2012 at 12:34 pm

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