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The Feast of 12-12-12

At Christmas, a traditional meal is usually centered around a large feast-worthy piece of meat.  Some prepare a Christmas goose.  Some choose a turkey, but since I already did that at Thanksgiving, I made this feast around a good ham.  This won’t exactly be for Christmas because we are usually on the road during the actual holiday but since this day is a day that might have been the last according to the Mayans (now discovered to be disproved by a more recent archaeological mural finding), we wished to celebrate just being lucky to be alive!

Not only should we celebrate the good fortune that the Mayan prediction didn’t have all the information uncovered until today, but this lovely Farmland ham was a door prize my husband won at his department’s Christmas/Holiday party.  It weighed about as much as my two daughters weighed at birth combined…14 lbs.  Another gift was a butternut squash a friend gave us that for a while I’ve been looking for a way to prepare.  It was used as a part of a cornucopia decoration during the Thanksgiving holiday and even though it showed no signs of age I thought that we should eat the darn thing lest it outlive us.  Besides I thought this this free vitamin rich vegetable would go well with our free but protein and iron Big squash!rich ham.  A bag of frozen green beans and some easy instant mashed potatoes on the side made the five of us a feast fit for a king.

All things cookedThis ham was fully cooked and spiral cut so tying it together with a little cotton string,  heating, and glazing it at the end was about all there was to do to prepare it.  I put the ham in a roasting pan loosely tented in foil paper and put it in the oven which I didn’t even need to preheat.  I set it at 275° Some of the glaze and drippings over the squashand left it alone for three hours.  An hour before the ham was done, I sliced the squash right down the middle, removed the seeds and placed each half on the rack on either side of the roasting ham.  After that last hour of cooking the ham and the squash, I shut off the oven and let them rest in there for another 15 minutes.  The ham came with a glaze packet you heat in the microwave and pour on top in the end so I did that, quickly whipped up some mashed potatoes, steamed the green beans, and it all came together with very little effort.

This meal could have easily been prepared for at least a dozen people!  A 14 lb ham with just one bone through it makes a whole lot of servings.  I’m sure a few more ham leftover recipes will ensue.  It sure is a good thing the world didn’t come to an end today!

If the world ends today, I hope it's after supper


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