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Easy To Make Ham Salad

So the hammy saga continues.  We’ve had spiral sliced ham in, on, and around everything we’ve eaten these past few days, and there is still so darn much ham I feel like it will come out my ears soon.  Today, I used about a pound of it to make something that was pleasant change from sliced ham…ham salad.  I made this in the food processor with a Getting to the end of itadding all of the flavorsnow it's a spreadable mixturechunk of ham from the end where the spiral slicing machine didn’t slice.  I guess because of the knobby part of the bone it won’t slice down that far but that left me with a good solid pound of it to use for this spreadable ham salad

I cut it up into smaller chunks and put it into the processor with about 1/2 cup mayonnaise, a pickle spear, a few Spanish style olives, a few slices of  pickled jalapeno pepper, a pinch of pepper and garlic powder, and a splash or two of the pickle juice to help it move around while processing.  In a pretty glass dish, I garnished it with paprika and fresh parsley and let everyone serve themselves.

I was amazed at how fast it disappeared.  Since it didn’t look like sliced ham any more, I guess it was more appealing to make a sandwich of it or snack on some atop savory crackers.  Either way, it tasted pretty good…for yet another thing made with ham.Not so very ham like.  We can do this


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  1. I’d just like to say GAAA! I’m sorry I published this post not noticing how terribly spotty the knife I took from the drawer is. I’m usually careful to make the food look appetizing.

    I ask you to forgive this oversight…and here’s my excuse: Our dishwasher has been on the fritz. This thing was too expensive for the trouble it has given us…always at the holidays, but I’ve fixed it before and posted about it once in an entry called Glad To Have You Back (https://divaofdelicious.wordpress.com/2010/12/07/glad-to-have-you-back/). Well now I’m not so sure I’m glad. The day before my mother in law arrived for a week long visit, It flooded the kitchen like Niagara Falls. Stress? On steroids how ’bout!

    This is a different thing from the last part that failed. That was a chopper blade, and this time it is a faulty drain valve solenoid. Jeff looked up a few things on line in home repair forums and was led to the part we need to install. I installed the chopper blade which was in deep the bowels of the interior and equally as nasty as you would think of anything bowel (I now have the highest respect for appliance and drain repair field) and I only did it because Jeff could’n fit his body into it without either performing mind boggling acrobatics or snapping off the door. This flooding problem can be fixed by going behind the kick-plate and using a few hand tools to do the job. Jeff can handle this one and I’m glad because though it may not be so gross, I can safely predict a serious fuzzy matter…perhaps aptly, named dust-muskrat issue.

    Lately I’ve been doing all dishes by hand while waiting on the part. It really doesn’t matter to me that we repair this overrated bucket at all. But while it’s taking up valuable kitchen space it might as well be in service. Even so, It is good to know how to do repairs on things for yourself. We’ve saved a lot of money using resources like the internet and our own brains and hands. At least that point is worth mentioning.

    Well, now that I’ve pointed out spots in my post that may have even otherwise gone unnoticed and made excuses for it, I feel it necessary to mention once again that even though I’ve about O.D.d on ham, this ham salad was pretty dang good!

    Damage Control Management

    December 18, 2012 at 1:29 pm

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