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Divas Just Wanna Have Fun

Usually I’m making things from scratch, or things chocked full of vegetables, but enough of that!  I want to have some fun today.  Besides, with Lent approaching, I’ve got to get rid of some of our crappier foods.  As I told my daughter about eating c-r-a-p, C.R.A.P. isn’t a bad word, it is an acronym for “Counterproductive to Running And Playing”.  She didn’t buy that crap, and she always wants in on some of the fun too.

49313Well, in the cereal cabinet there were two choices where sugar is the number one ingredient.  My kids love cereal and I think the sugar content is why.  They’ll eat the stuff for a few days but after a while they do get tired of it, and almost always leave a good fourth of it which get feds to the birds often.  I’m not sure I’m helping the poor birds by doing that but they seem healthy…so do my kids.  It’s only a couple of times a week they indulge.  Perhaps you’ve seen my blog…they eat good things mostly

49312With this last bit of fruity, sugary rice, and some sugary nutty oat cereal, I whipped up an after school/work snack that will be very fun to come home to.  It’s not the biggest pan of it either, which will be good and gone by the end of the day.

So here is what I did to purge the C.R.A.P. from the cabinets:

  • scrounged up two cups fruity rice cereal
  • a handful of honey nut oat cereal
  • an opened package of marshmallows, about 12 left
  • a nob of butter, maybe a tablespoon

First, I microwaved the butter and marshmallows in stages, stirring between each 30 or 40 seconds until the mixture was smooth and the marshmallows didn’t grow up and over the sides of the bowl.   I added the cereal and mixed it up until all the cereal was coated in melty marshmallow goop.  I dumped it into a greased container of an appropriate size and let it cool in the refrigerator until set.  I cut the treats into squares and when my girl gets home from school she will be delighted to have such a colorful snack garnished with chocolate chips and (also that her dad is coming home early).   I think it’s going to be a fun afternoon.  🙂49315


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