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Fast Food for a Fast Life

Fast times at the Diva’s house!  Big kids are moved out and we’ve had to replace some of the furnishings we bequeathed to them…lots of moving of big stuff after a fairly sedentary late winter.  The 10 year old is getting taller by the minute and needs new clothes and shoes about every six months as of late.   The weather can’t make up its mind and it’s hard to figure out what to wear or what to cook.49592  In a week we went from a foot of snow to temps in the upper 80’s.  3715387822Gas prices are going up again and all these changes have added up to Mom 49550going out and getting a new job.   Having a second income again is a timely good thing with all that is going on.  College will be here again before we know it.

The biggest adjustment to working again has been my cooking style.  I’ve had to whip up some pretty fast suppers after getting home in the evening, and I now need only to make enough food for the three of us instead of five (lots of one skillet dinners).   Good thing it’s warm enough to grill and a nine by nine casserole dish replaces the nine by thirteen.  Recently, the produce has begun looking better as the season gets warmer so that’s another plus.   I haven’t broken out the crock pot yet but I used to love coming home to a sumptuous supper all ready made and smelling up the house nicely.

If these are the adjustments I have to make then I’d say I’ve got the world by its toe.  Weather the weather is cold or hot we still have time to enjoy the finer things in life.4969149689


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