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Kabob Quickly

Nothing could be faster than throwing hunks of food onto a stick and laying them on a grill over hot coals or a gas flame. cropped-3715388319.jpgShish kabobs are fairly fast in prep time, cook time is much less, and clean-up takes hardly any time.  You can kabob just about anything too…well naturally except ice cream or jello but any fruit, or meat or, sturdy vegetable.  Shrimp and dense fish like grouper and sea bass could also work .

I purchased a whole pork loin a month ago and had it in the freezer.  I let it thaw over night.  The next day we planned to go to a family picnic so we brought about 20 kabobs ready to grill.  Each one included a serving of meat and four vegetables. Green and red peppers, onion, baby ‘bella mushrooms, and grape tomatoes were my “go-to guys”.  I cut the pork loin into cubes measuring 1 and 1/2 inches and marinated them in a teriyaki sauce I made.

100_1301Most marinates contain something savory, something acidic and an oil.  You could add something sweet as an option.  I made mine with 1/3 cup soy sauce, 1/3 cup pineapple juice and a dash or so of olive oil.  Ginger and garlic powders were also added for a little kick.  The meat soaked in this for about an hour then assembly began.

Prepping was simple but took about 30 minutes once the meat marinated a while.  Cutting Vidalia onions and peppers into little 1 and 1/2 inch pieces took 10 minutes but loading twenty skewers took about 20 minutes.   For uniformity I started with a plank of onion, then green pepper with the cupped-side-up to cradle a cube of meat, a plank of onion placed cupped-side-down to cap the meat, and last a tomato.  I repeated this pattern three times on each skewer which, in my opinion, made a complete and perfect paleo meal on a stick.

Cooking all 20 them on the grill was all of a 10 minute process.  By the time the twentieth one was laid on the grill it was time to go back and turn the first one.  Giving the meat a press test for donenness, I was looking for a firm feel.  If I was cooking steak kabobs, I would want to feel a little bit of give…not too squishy though unless you like it very rare.  If I was cooking chicken kabobs I would definitely want it to feel very firm when pressed.

After coming off the grill a rest period is always a good idea to let the juices settle in the meat.  They could be eaten right off the stick but removing the stick and cutting things in smaller bites is a less primitive way (it’s how a diva does it).

The men really loved them.  The kids loved the idea, most of them discarding the onions and peppers, and the women marveled at how pretty they were.  And let me tell you, they were GOOD!100_1303


2 responses

  1. howtostuffyourpig

    This is a great idea! I have some chicken in the freezer and need to use up some peppers and onions before they go bad. These look delicious!

    May 26, 2015 at 3:18 pm

    • We can’t have peppers and onions going bad! 🙂 Yours will be delicious too with chicken. Thanks for stopping by.

      May 26, 2015 at 3:24 pm

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