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Anything I don’t have to plug in or take apart to clean is the kind of kitchen gadget for me.  Nail breaker…deal breaker.  I use these particular gadgets quite often to slice, grate, and gauge temperatures.  If ever off the grid for any reason, like a power outage,  I can still perform.  I’m still on the lookout for one of those old-fashioned egg beaters.  I use the pastry wheel probably more than anything.   It slices up much more than pizza.  I use it on waffles and pancakes to make the little one’s breakfast more manageable and bite size.  I use it to section quesadillas, take the crust off bread, cut ravioli squares as well as many other applications in pasta dough, a myriad of creative cookie dough shapes, and of course on my homemade pizzas.  So much safer and neater than a knife and dishwasher safe.  Gotta love that! 

Grater you say?  What’s not great about those?  Hmm…Garlic, lemon zest, lime zest, orange peel, carrots, cheeses of every kind, ginger root, nutmeg… all raining down its gorgeous flavor on to your dishes …like fragrant flowers falling at a diva’s feet…  I love the drama!  

I slice a lot of apples and when making a pie, uniform slices aid in uniform baking.  Once peeled and sliced, I simply cut each section in two.  Job done!  This works on onions too when all you need is a rough chop.  Great when making French Onion Soup from scratch.  

When prepping veggies the Pampered Chef slicer/garnisher and my CUTCO veggie peeler and knives (not pictured) helps me make beautiful veggie trays with little fuss (but don’t tell anyone). 

Gauging temperatures is a very important key to successful meals that are more advanced.  Some things are better not left to guesswork.  I’d hate to ruin a beautiful and expensive Porterhouse steak, medium rare.  Wouldn’t you?  145° and you’re there…and you know it!  Confidence is a Diva’s best friend.  These tools help me get it. 

I use a hand mixer a few times a week.  Black and Decker made the Power Pro 200 watt model.  I have to say Kudos to them because I have used the heck out of this baby for the last 10 years…maybe more.  One sturdy machine!! 

Another kitchen gadget I can’t live without is the food processor.  From slaw to bread dough, to sauces, to pesto, to making your own ground beef , a good processor is often the co-star of this diva”s show. 

I actually think I could live without a microwave…but then I woke up.   Defrosting would take all day!  I need the frost to go away now!  So defrosting and a bit of reheating leftovers is all I really use one for.  Since I do this almost every day it is essential, but it’s so much fun stirring the pot!  And I like the taste of popcorn made on the stove top way better.  Does anyone do that any more? 

When my show is on the road, I have two words:  Crock Pot.   My giant “Rival” with the removable crock is more like my “DFF” (Diva’s friend forever)  Some days are just set-it-and-forget-it days.  And the winner for best supporting appliance…Crockie! 

Well, in truth, the best equipment a kitchen could have is a pair of these… 


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