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On a Budget

Saving money is what this Diva is ALL about!  When you cook meals at home, you not only control your budget so much better,  you can also be assured of the quality and the way your food is handled because you are the one inspecting it, choosing it, cooking and serving it.   You will get far more value, peace of mind, and wholesome nutrition from fresh ingredients you choose yourself, than anything the dollar menu at the drive-thru has to offer.  It’s all about value darling!

The turkey pot pie pictured above is a great example of stretching the budget and eating well.  $18 never went so far and satisfied so many appetites.  My son was away all summer in Princeton for an internship and really had to scrimp to eat well…the fact is I don’t think he ate enough (Mama’s always think that of sons)  I cooked a turkey dinner Sunday just like it was Thanksgiving to welcome him home in the middle of August.  I’ve never seen a kid so happy or so ravenous.  Of an 18 lb turkey I think he ate 5 lbs of the breast meat, a pound of potatoes with gravy, heaps of stuffing also with gravy, and a good portion of green beans for dinner that night.  Poor guy!  My daughter who has recently graduated from college thankfully got a job right away.   She took sliced turkey sandwiches to work for several days.  I have a daughter in the second grade who took her share to school that week too.   We all also ate some turkey salad made with apples, celery and walnuts Wednesday.   My son had a sandwich or two before getting on his way back to college.  Then with the remaining legs and thighs and bits of white meat and only four of us to feed, I made a big turkey pot pie.  We all ate that Thursday night and it was delicious.  Next day there were three slices left for lunch.  One for the oldest daughter, one for the husband and one for myself.  The littlest one was ready to take a PBJ to school that day.  The point of this is, that on Friday three of us had leftovers of leftovers of leftovers and it was still delicious!  A twenty-dollar bill fed 5 people many tasty well prepared meals for an entire week.   Compare that to the cost and quality of 5 boring turkey sandwiches from the deli (possibly made by someone who forgot to wash their hands before leaving the restroom) to the cost and quality of a week’s worth of appetizing meals…  Now that’s one nicely stretched out Jackson!


2 responses

  1. And you cooked the carcass after all that for some good stock?

    February 27, 2013 at 8:34 pm

    • Thank you for stopping by Sarasinart! And yes that is my usual pattern, but it has been so long ago I don’t recall.

      February 27, 2013 at 9:47 pm

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