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Drag Me Through The Garden

100_9065Yep, that’s exactly how this salad happened.  It’s too easy in summer to eat fresh veggies all the time.  Between the things I grow in the backyard, the things people at work bring in, and the things neigbors share, I’m ususlly up to my ears in ears of corn, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, zucchini, onions…you name it!  Oh, I’m not even complaining.  I try very hard to savor the flavors as long as I can.

100_9066This salad is one of those right out of the garden works of art.  There is no cooking or baking, just cutting, dressing and enjoying.  I do make my own dressing which is to say, I add mayo, buttermilk and a packet of Hidden Valley Ranch.  I like it the best because you make it fresh, and you can clearly taste the difference between it and the bottled stuff.

The vegetables I used were cucumbers in half inch cubes, also tomatoes in that way, a fourth of a red bell pepper and also a fourth of a green one, about a fourth of a red onion, a whole spring onion, all of these vegetables in tiny dice.  I chopped some fresh parsley, dressed everything with that yummy ranch dressing…about a third cup.  Freshly cracked pepper got cracked on top of everything after it was all tossed together.

Wow!  Talk about tasting the sunshine!  I love that this salad was basking away in it just the day before.  I can’t wait to drag myself through the garden again…only the next time I’ll feel so healthy, I won’t be dragging.100_9068