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Froot Loop Tea

Remember the cereal Froot Loops with the super sniffing toucan mascot flying through the forest sniffing out the flavor of fruit where ever he went?  Well he could very well live in my backyard!  I don’t live in a tropical rain forest, just St. Louis, but what grows wild, and I mean wild back there is lemon balm and mint.  At certain times I have raspberries or blackberries (I’m trying a new thornless blackberry plant this year to make life easy)  grows wild too.  When all three plants are producing, I make my famous Froot Loop Tea.

You won’t believe how much this tea can remind you of the cereal of childhood.  You won’t believe how easy it is to grow and make, and you won’t believe how good this tea is for you. As it is brewing you won’t notice much, but wait until you have a hot cup under your nose. You will be taken back to mornings looking for the prize at the bottom of the cereal box while that fruity smell wafts out at you.

If you grow any herbs, the easier ones are mint and lemon balm. The berries are easy to grow too, and all these plants tend to spread year to year. These could all be grown in the yard or in containers if you don’t have yard space. In my yard, I used to dread how much the herbs spread but now I have learned to appreciate and use them more on a daily basis. It’s good now that these grow so abundantly. I like to grow things that go to good use.

100_1662This Earth Day I don’t want to just be a steward of Earth’s ecology but also one who lives on her abundance…and not just for the one day.  When you get to be my age you want to do things that keep you off the blood pressure meds, the heart pills, the arthritis cures and so on.  I can’t claim this tea will make you able to stop taking these medications but the antioxidants in this tea have proven benefits that help keep you looking young (and divalike), boost mind sharpness and memory,  soothe bronchitis, cleanse the liver, help you sleep and help relieve menstrual cramps. That’s just the lemon balm!

Mint is one of the foods highest in antioxidants, it is an antimicrobial and its oils can be an effective pain reliever.  Antioxidants help fight the aging process warding off free radicals.  The antimicrobial properties help fight germs like the ones that give you bad breath.  Maybe you’ve experienced the soothing effects of mint.  Whether you ate something spicy or have a burning insect sting, mint comes to the cooling rescue.

As far a s raspberries, they pack a healthy punch too.  Rich in antioxidants, manganese and vitamin C, these little gems help fight the free radicals, and
even cancer cells.
100_1659To put together this brew of good health, all you do is muddle together and add the ingredients to the basket of your coffee maker and run a carafe of water through.  Soon you will be enjoying your own cup of nourishing, immune boosting, great smelling, tea. 100_1661100_1665